The Berman Calendar

Each month has 6 weeks of 6 days each


Time to change the names of the days


The work week is only 4 days long


The first day of each month is a holiday


Paydays happen every two weeks-3 times a month


At the end of year there are five (six every 4 years) left over that don't count




Why do we allow calendars to manage our lives without a thought?

The very idea of changing the calendar is confusing to our consciousness.  It HAS to be what it is; it HAS to have 12 months, it HAS to have uneven numbers of days, it HAS to start in January and end in December.  The concept of time demands it!

No, no it doesn't.

Time and the universe will go on just fine, no matter how we decide to mark it. So why not modernize it to  make it our own?  

Problems with the current calendar:

  • Julius Caeser decided to add 2 months to the ancient calendar to make it 12 months long.   
  • He and his great nephew even got months named after them. 
  • Other months are named after antiquated gods and goddesses.
  • And  other months are named even crazier.  
    • The name of the 9th month is literally "The Seventh Month."
    • The name of the 10th month is "The Eighth Month."
    • You'll never guess what the 11th and 12 months are named after respectively....
  • We have to silently say a nursery rhyme to even remember how many days there are in each month.
  • Holidays are moved  from their traditional dates to  Mondays (Sometimes) to make artificial long  weekends.
  • Each month is unique; they start on different days every year, and the rhythm doesn't repeat for 6 years and when you throw in Leap Years....

I have a better idea: The Berman Calendar!

Instead of 12 months of varying length,

10 months with the exact same number of days.

Instead of 7 days per week, 

6 days in each week.

Instead of 4 weeks in some months and 5 weeks in others,

6 weeks in each month.

Each month starts on the same day of the week, and the first day of every month is a holiday, creating 10 automatic three-day weekends.

At the end of the year, there are 5 days left over, and a whole week of six days every 4 years).

A free week that doesn't count.  

Nothing currently ever gets done between Christmas and New Year's, either.

Since each month starts and ends on the same day, all the dates in between always occur on the same day of the week.  So you can plan events, vacations, and other future things years in advance, since you will always know what day each date will end up on.

Since there are 6 days per week, everyone can work 4  ten-hour days and then have two days off.

With 6 weeks in a month, everyone who gets paid every two weeks, will get three paychecks a month instead of 2.  And 30 paychecks every year instead of 26.